Meditation Techniques can be used to overcome stress, anxiety, depression and a variety of negative emotions.

Recognise That There Is Time For Everything

therapies“Meditation Centres are increasingly and surprisingly everywhere offering retreats and classes and work shops and more and more people are coming to learn and practice together. Yoga has never been more popular and is taken up by children and seniors and everyone in between.

“The words above taken from one of Keitha Bradleys required reading text books ‘Coming to Our Senses’ when participating in a 10 day retreat / MBSR training with the worlds leader in Mindfulness Jon Kabat Zinn Ph.D.

“For some years now, Keitha has been facilitating ‘Learn to Meditate’ Classes and she ceases to be amazed with the feedback / testimonials from her students with their passion to commit, compliment and change who they think they are, to the person they know they can be. For example, balanced and clear-minding in the midst of turmoil. sleeping better or maybe actually sleeping, taking a breath before answering, feeling more calm and not allowing daily challenges from overwhelming them, lighter and brighter, think more clearly, less flustered, more loving and giving, able to sit for 5 minutes and eventually for 20 minutes no effort —just goes on and on.

“The ‘Learn to Meditate” classes operate over a 6 week period, there is required reading to be undertaken before the first sitting. The book ‘5 Minute Meditator’ written by Eric Harrison’s of the Perth Meditation Centre in Subiaco is offered free to all attending its also compulsory reading. Each week students read several (short) chapters and practice the techniques in their own time – come the actual class we go over, review and iron out any misunderstanding then bring all learning together in medittion – amazing feeling

“Keitha willingly agrees to the fact that her students are her teachers, we are all students in life and we teach each other.”

– Geraldton Gaurdian, editorial

Groups and Classes are offered

Meditation books are also available from Open Gate Natural Therapies.

I believe I have a down to earth approach when teaching Meditation and invite you to experience how simple Meditation really is. I teach Meditation purely as a skill for relaxation and mental clarity, you can easly integrate it into your life as I do. You will find this simple skill will improve your health and wellbeing.”
– Keitha Bradley

You have a lovely sense of ‘groundedness’ and familiarity with the subject in your written work. It was obvious to me, and it would be to your prospective students, that your understanding of Meditation is deeply felt and lived through. That’s what makes you a good teacher. Science is now proving that as long as time meditators get to know themselves better, they also become more empathetic towards others – this apply to you Keitha.  Here is your Diploma Certificate and I hope it helps you in your work of sharing your skills and knowledge to others”
– Written for Keitha Bradley by Eric Harrison Teachers of Diploma in Meditation from the Perth School of Meditation

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