“Everything in life is vibration—every atom, cell, tissue and organ—your whole body oscillates or ‘sings’. This vibration forms a frequency that can be measured by science.  The body easy goes out of tune when it experiences physical or emotional stress.  Most illnesses are characterised by blockage of flow of this energy—inflammation irritation and illness results.  So, when the body is properly returned to its original frequency—the body comes into balance.

Introducing “New !! Energetic / Vibrational Healing” to the MidWest

energy healing, vibrational healing“We are not alone in this vibration. Essential Oils are the blood life of plants and they produce a frequency that resonates with our body, they do not resonate with toxins in our body which is why they help drive them out.

“Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils produce frequencies that are naturally attuned to the health of our body. Pharmaceuticals and synthetic oils do not.

“When healing takes place, our bodies resonate at frequencies where health and balance is restored and disease cannot exist.

“Keitha Bradley has come full circle in the approach to healing by integrating her years of training, knowledge and experience in Complimentary Therapies. Keitha now finds herself still a student of life and a student of Clinical Aromatherapy and Touch for Health.

“Healing Techniques Keitha now offers at Open Gate Natural Therapies in Woorree Geraldton.  All techniques employ the vibrational healing frequencies of Essential Oils

  • Magnetic Clearing
    Cleanse and clear the complete field by removing congested energy and emotional debris.
  • Chakra Connection
    Connect, open and balance the energy centres and enhances the flow of energy in the body.
  • Structural Balance
    Balance the energies of the physical body as well and the etheric body.
  • Spiral Energy Clearing
    Working with energy centres, physical and etheric body on a deep level.

– Geraldton Guardian, editorial


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